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About Us

Heartlands Marble have been manufacturing fireplaces since 1995, with a dedicated team of skilled masons who specialise in made to measure marble fireplaces, marble sets, granite, slate and limestone using both traditional methods and state of the art CNC machinery. 

We are a small family run business based in the Midlands and are a proud British manufacturer and have been masons for over 50 years. 
Heartlands Marble only uses quality European micro marble from Italy and Spain. 

Heartlands Marble have once again combined the most stunning materials and designs to bring you the very best fireplaces for the contemporary and traditional homes of today.

Only the finest raw materials have been used to create our latest range of marble and limestone fireplaces. Wherever possible, these materials are procured from European and environmentally friendly sources to ensure quality without excessive damage to the earth and climate change.
Each fireplace is carefully crafted using a combination of computerised CNC machinery and traditional hand finishing by highly skilled stone-masons in our workshop in the West Midlands.

This year, we have developed a number of new and interesting designs to choose from with lots of optional features so that you can create the perfect fireplace for your home. Unlike cheaper and poorer quality imported varieties, the majority of our fireplaces can also be made to measure

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